How to Say Hello in 15 Languages

I’ve mentioned before that I like to learn a few key local phrases when I’m travelling. Even a simple ‘hello’ can go a long way. With that in mind, here’s how to say just that in 15 different languages.

France: bonjour / bon-jhor

Germany: guten-Tag / gotten tag

Iceland: gotham dagg / goh-than-da-yin

Albania: tungjatjeta / toon-hah-tyeh-tah

Sweden: hej / high

Turkey: merhaba / mehr-hah-ban

Greece: gia’sou / yah-soo

India: namaste / na-mus-thei

Thailand: sá-wat-dee / sá-wat-dee

Vietnam: xin chao / sin-Chow

China (Mandarin): ni Hau / nee-how

Japan: konnichiwa / ko-nee-chee-wa

New Zealand: kia Ora / key-or-a

Taiwan: lí-ho / lee-hoh

Hawaii: aloha / ah-loh-hah

Know any more?


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