Eight of the UK’s Scariest Hotels

With Halloween fast approaching, have you got the guts to stay at one of the UK’s most haunted hotels?

1. The Feathers Hotel, Shropshire

Often subject to ghost hunts, The Feathers Hotel in Shropshire is supposedly home to a jealous hating spirit, the apparition of a man and his dog, and a scantily clad women wearing nothing but clogs!

2. Tudor House Hotel, Gloucestershire

This 16th century Tudor building is rumoured to have a number of spirits roaming its corridors, including the eerie spirit of a young boy.

3. Langham Hotel, London


The Langham Hotel is thought to be the most haunted hotel in all of London. Terrified members of staff and guests alike have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a German officer lurking around the hotel’s rooms and corridors.

4. The Mermaid Inn, East Sussex

One of the oldest inns in England, this 12th century building was not only featured in an episode of the Most Haunted television series, but has also played host to a long list of famous guests.

5. Castle Stuart, Scotland

Castle Stuart in Inverness is considered to be one of the oldest and most haunted castles in Scotland. Over the years, staff has reported hearing disembodied footsteps on the stairs at midnight and deadly screams. The ghost of a headless man has also been seen prowling the corridors.

6. Coombe Abbey Hotel, Warwickshire

Coombe Abbey Hotel has an illustrious past, originally built as a monastery in the 12th century. Stay here and you might catch a glimpse of the hooded monk, or the young green-eyed girl that often walks the halls.

7. The Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire


This 12th century inn has been the focus of many paranormal investigations and it’s easy to understand why. Skeletal remains have reportedly been found at the inn. So too has evidence of satanic rituals. Most of the people who have previously stayed here have seen ghosts, while some have even needed to be exorcised!

8. Golden Fleece, Yorkshire

This Yorkshire pub has a rich history of hauntings. Geoff Monroe, a Canadian airman who stayed that the Golden Fleece in 1945, committed suicide by jumping out of one of the pub’s windows. Since then, plenty of visitors have reported being woken up by Mr Monroe in full uniform. Footsteps have also been heard pacing up and down the dark halls in the middle of the night…

Have you heard of or stayed at any haunted pubs in the UK?


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