How to Choose the Right Travel Partner

Have I chosen the right travel partner? That question may sound a little strange but the truth is that for all its joys, travelling can involve obstacles, stress and plenty of fatigue, and so having the right partner by your side to deal with that can make or break your trip.
You want to be with somebody who can revel in the awesome sights, enjoy exotic foods and stumble through unfamiliar languages while at the same time take bus delays and other obstacles in their stride. With that in mind, here are a few things I consider when I sit down to decide which one of my friends is going to enhance my next adventure far beyond what I would have experienced by myself.

1. It’s important to run an honest test on your own character, and particularly how you react under stress. Then make a checklist of characteristics that would complement your own.

2. It’s also important to clarify what you each expect to get out of the trip. We often embark on trips with our own subconscious goals, be it to find inspiration, rediscover a passion or get over a breakup. Knowing what each of your goals are ahead of time can help you decide whether or not there is enough common ground to have a great time together.

3. Do you crave company all the time or do you need your own space? Are you better travelling in groups or with just a few people? These are crucial questions to ask yourself.

4. Your best friend might not make the best travelling partner. Don’t feel like you need to be loyal to old promises that she’d be the only person you’d travel with when the time for your big adventure came around.

5. Consider where you want to go and what you want to do, and then consider which one of your friends would enjoy your itinerary as much as you.

6. Don’t be scared to talk about one another’s budgets. It’s important to make sure that your budgets are somewhat similar, at least for the time you’re travelling together, so that discussions about where to stay, what to do and where to eat don’t become heated and/or create stress.

7. Don’t overlook medical conditions and dietary requirements. If you’re planning a jam-packed, adrenaline-filled adventure, make sure both you and your companion are capable of keeping up. Also, keep in mind that exotic food isn’t for everybody, not only because of taste but because it might be something they are allergic to or choose not to eat. That said, there may be times when food is limited and dealing with a fussy eater at those times can be hell.

Did you find these tips helpful? What lessons have you learnt when it comes to travelling with the right person? Let me know!


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