Top 12 Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow

From jaw-dropping photographs of America’s finest landscapes to high-energy adventure shots jet skiing in the Bahamas, here are 12 travel Instagram accounts to satisfy your wanderlust this summer.

1. @ourwildabandon


In 2013, best friends Kyla Trethewey and Jill Mann quit their jobs and sold everything they owned to travel the world in a fixed-up campervan. Their Instagram page features beautiful images, depicting their lives on the run and telling stories about the people in their path.

2. @samevanslife


From jet skiing in the Bahamas to snowboarding in Australia to climbing trees in London, filmmaker and photographer Sam Evans leads a life that is jam-packed with adventure – and you can follow every second of it on his Instagram page.

3. @fosterhunting


Five years ago, Foster Huntington quit his job designing for Ralph Lauren to travel the world in his trusted van – all the while documenting his adventures on Instagram. He’s currently living in a self-built treehouse in Skamania County, close to the Columbia River Gorge.

4. @alliemtaylor


Although she might be based in LA, photographer Alexandra Taylor takes regular trips around the world to captures its most stunning landscapes.

5. @facehunter


Yvan Rodic, also known as Facehunter, is a Swiss street style photographer. He famously travels the world documenting people at famous events and landmark.

6. @kevinruss


Living out of his car, photographer Kevin Russ captures the wildlife and rugged landscape of America with only his iPhone.

7. @muradosmann


Murad Osmann is a Russian photographer, perhaps best known for his #followmeto series. He takes bright and striking images while being led around the world by his wife.

8. @chrisburkard


Chris Burkard captures the farthest expanses of Earth. His images are punctuated by energized landscapes and peak moments of adventure.

9. @expertvagabond


The travel blogger and photographer explores every nook and cranny of the world, from small fishing villages in Norway to the busy streets of Scotland.

10. @worldwanderlust


Follow the daily adventures of solo travel blogger Brooke Saward as she continues living out of her suitcase. Her photos are clean, bright and always inspiring.

11. @lebackpacker


Belgian-born, self-taught travel and adventure photographer Johan Lolos takes breath-taking photographs that fully represent his passion for the outdoors and the wilderness.

12. @tiffpenguin


California-based dentist Tiffany Nguyen trades her mouth mirror for hiking boots on weekends.  She tells stories with her photography by capturing every detail of the natural landscape around her.

All images belong to Instagram.


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