Trim your sails and roam the sea

Leave no southern coast stone unturned and you’ll uncover West Sussex’s best-kept secret, Shoreham-by-Sea. A winsome seaside town and port blessed with braided trails, affable residents, and an ambience flavoured with serenity and charm. Along its riverbank, rests a community of boat dwellers locally known as ‘the water gypsies’.

Cast away from distractions of property ownership, mortgages and re-sale values, the people of Shoreham-by-Sea’s local boat community live as self-sufficient renegades. Their homes are lovingly restored barges; antiquated minesweepers, landing craft and torpedo boats from WW2; cottagey boat conversions; and eccentric boats that incorporate bus and ambulance parts.

Some resemble putrid iron crates. Most are approached by attenuated gangplanks. All sit, unstirred atop of the glimmering shallows.



yellowsignBoat 3Boat 1

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